General Information

Working with Children Checks

WWCC are compulsory for all members 18 years and older

  • All volunteers and members 18 years and over MUST apply for a WWCC registration number.
  • This registration number is free for all volunteers.
  • Your WWCC registration number and DOB must be supplied to the pony club to be verified.
  • WWCC numbers are valid for 5 years.
  • All volunteers and members 18 and over please  go the following website and start the proceedings for obtaining this number.
  • Once you have an application number you need to take this number and photo ID to a NSW RTA
  • After you have been to the RTA you will get an email with your clearance letter (this can take up to 2 weeks)
  • Once you have received your clearance number you will need to email the Secretary on with the number and your DOB so that the number can be verified.

Active Kids Rebate

You can use the NSW Government Active Kids voucher against the Pony Club membership fees if you are a NSW resident.

Active kids website

Property Identification Code (PIC)

Horse owners are reminded that any owners of land on which horses and other livestock are kept are required to obtain a Property Identification Code (PIC) from their local Livestock Health and Pest Authority (LHPA). The new traceability requirements are part of biosecurity efforts aimed at improving NSW’s capacity to respond to animal disease outbreaks.

Knowing where horses are located as well as contact details for the owner improves the State’s ability to effectively respond to future animal disease outbreaks or other emergencies such as Equine Influenza and the Hendra virus. The introduction of a PIC system for horse properties will also bring NSW into line with Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory which already have this requirement.

Property and horse owners can apply for a PIC by contacting their local LHPA.

Dressage Competitions

You and your horse must be registered with Equestrian Australia to compete in OFFICIAL dressage competitions. The horse must also have a bridle number which has to be displayed on both sides of the horse (bridle or saddlecloth). More information can be found HERE.
a) riders of horses may carry a whip up to 1.20m (120cm)
b) riders of ponies may carry a whip up to 1.00m (100cm)
c) the tassel is included when measuring a whip
The 2016 Dressage rule book can be found HERE

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