Membership Information

Membership Information for 2020

Membership registrations and renewals for 2020 are done online. Please contact for information on how to do this.

**************** REQUIREMENT **********************

Working with Children checks (WWCC) compulsory for membership.

Please note that a requirement of PCANSW is that anyone 18 years and older that has responsibility of children at any time needs to have a WWCC. Murrumbateman Pony Club at a committee meeting in 2015 made the decision that anyone aged 18 years and above would require a WWCC to be able to join or renew their membership. The committee decided this for a few reasons: at any time, any parent or older riding member maybe asked to step in and supervise a group of children, we have a rotating roster for troop leading and some sessions on rally days are led by the troop leader. Also, it is not fair to the committee members to police who has or has not a WWCC at each rally day and then to make sure those without a WWCC are not in direct supervision of children. The protection of our children is paramount and obtaining a WWCC is one step closer to achieving this. Please assist the MPC committee by following the steps below and complying with our decision.

  • All volunteers and members 18 years and over MUST apply for a WWCC registration number.
  • This registration number is free for all volunteers.
  • Your WWCC registration number and DOB must be supplied to the pony club to be verified.
  • WWCC numbers are valid for 5 years.
  • All volunteers and members 18 and over please  go the following website and start the proceedings for obtaining this number.
  • Once you have an application number you need to take this number and photo ID to a NSW RTA
  • After you have been to the RTA you will get an email with your clearance letter (this can take up to 2 weeks)
  • Once you have received your clearance number you will need to email the Secretary on with the number and your DOB so that the number can be verified.

Membership Fees 2020

Memberships can be paid by credit card online, direct debit, cheque (made out to Murrumbateman Pony Club) or cash (exact money only)

Direct Debit Details
Account Name: Murrumbateman Pony Club
BSB: 062905
Account Number: 10079773
Reference: Your first and last name

Fee schedule

PCANSW affiliation fees include your Pony Club insurance.
NB: your insurance is limited to Pony Club activities AFTER you have been gear checked, and includes third party public liability cover for the club. Detail of this cover can be found on the PCANSW web site  Zone affiliation fees cover the co-ordination and support for all activities offered by Zone 16.

Membership Category PCANSW Fee Zone 16 Fee per rider Club Fee per Family Total Due
First Riding Member 76.50 3.00 50.00 $129.50
Second and subsequent – Riding Member 76.50 3.00 $79.50
First Non-Riding Member 40.00 $40.00
Second and subsequent – Non-Riding Member 20.00 $20.00


1 rider + 1 non-riding parent 116.50 3.00 50.00 $169.50
1 rider + 1 riding parent 153.00 6.00 50.00 $209.00
1 rider + 2 non-riding parents 136.50 3.00 50.00 $189.50
2 riders + 1 non-riding parent 193.00 6.00 50.00 $249.00
2 riders + 2 non-riding parents 213.00 6.00 50.00 $269.00

Active Kids Rebate

You can use the NSW Government Active Kids voucher against the Pony Club membership fees if you are a NSW resident.

Active kids website


Murrumbateman NSW